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VideoXT software
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VideoXT is the best available video analysis program at the market. Our technology is the most suitable solution for live and interactive video presentations.

All known video files are supported by codec integration.

Our focus is on helping you to perform professionally video analysis in real time. VideoXT allows you to draw directly on the screen even if the video is not stopped or paused.

The possibilities are almost unlimited.

The analysis software VideoXT supports all known video formats.

avi, vob, ifo, wmv, wmp, wm, asf, dat, mpg, mpeg, mpe, m1v, m2v, mpv2, mp2v, ts, ts4, tp, tpr, pva, m2ts, m2t, mts, evo, m2p, flv, iflv, swf, d2v, divx, vp6, rmvb, amv, mp4, m4v, mp4v, mpv4, hdmov, 3gp, 3gpp, drc, dsm, dsv, dsa, dss, d2v, fli, flc, flic, ivf, mkv, mka, mk3d, mks, ogm, ogv, mov, 3g2, 3gp2, ratdvd, rm, ram, rpm, rmm, rt, rp, smi, smil, roq, smk, bik, aaf, avchd, cam, mxf, svi, ogg, mht, mhtml, webm ...

You can use VideoXT with several input devices or their combinations.

Mouse Keyboard Pen mouse Graphic tablet Touch Screen

According to your needs, it's possible to change the appearence of VideoXT anytime.
Different themes (skins) are available depending on your version.

Below you can finde some important functions of the software. The possibilities of VideoXT are however much vaster and adaptable according to your individual preferences.

The video playback feature is unique in the world
Continuous zoom, brightness, volume ...
Extreme slow motion, frame by frame, move by 10 sec. ...
Key positions and comments in a database
Very fast jump to the sequence-keys
Display or note your comments
High-end drawing tools
Drawing on the video even without stopping
Animations and Objects on the video even without stopping
Motion tracking
Up to 100 times to undo / redo
Storage of screen-captures with or without drawing

 Service and funktions Version :
  VideoXT Ultra VideoXT Professional VideoXT Personal
 Internal / additional themes ( Skins ) 32 / 102 16 / 40 8 / 20
 Right to update
 Email service
 Customer support and formation
 Sonderpreis für zuzätzlichen Lizenzen
 Open videos from local media
 Open videos from the network
 Open all known video formats
 Open video streams with several GigaBytes directly
 Simple drawing tools bar
 Extended drawing tools bar
 Drawing tools (Extended bare) 126 62 42
 Objects (Extended bare) 69 22 12
 Adding images as Objects Unlimited Max. 8 Max. 2
 Animations (Extended bare) 42 16 8
 Adding own animations Unlimited Max. 8 Max. 2
 Color gradient
 Komplex gradient
 Favourites bare for videos
 Virtual mouse wheel
 High-speed recordings analysis ( Precision positioning ) up to 250 frames/Sec. up to 100 frames/Sec. up to 50 frames/Sec.
 Price 480,- € 180,- € 80,- €

 Inclusive of 19% VAT. Order now You can deduct VideoXT from the Taxes.
More information can be found here : FAQ

If you can not play certain video files, please install a collection of codecs. You can download here a good collection of codecs.
This is the "LAVFilters" codec collection. LAVFilters is the best suited for the overlay mode of VideoXT.
It contains the most popular video / audio codecs. The playing of all video formats is assured.
The codec pack is free ( Freeware )

P.S. If the link doesn't work, just search the internet for "LAVFilters Installer".

On request.
Video streams are mainly required in professional sports. Special funktions of the Ultra and the Professional versions allow you to perform your analysis immediately after or during video recording. . For example: analysis during half time.
Video streams such as the formats TS and TS4 in HD quality can quickly cover several gigabytes.